List of Sanskrit E-Magazines, Newspapers & Journals

This is a list of all Sanskrit E-Magazines & Journals.  There are only two criteria that are followed to be called a Sanskrit E-Magazine/Journal.

  1. The magazine, newspaper or journal must have an electronic version (it may or may not have a print version) and must be tailored for a generic audience (not specialised research or subject based magazines).  The electronic version may be subscriber based or may be free.  I have not made any preferences on this score.
  2. The journal/magazine/newspaper must be totally in Sanskrit.  I am not minded to list those magazines/journals that also print articles in Sanskrit, alongside those in other languages (a separate version in other languages is fine).  This may be part of a future project, but for now, I am listing only those magazines/journals/newspapers that publish fully in Sanskrit.

The following information is included in each journal, magazine or newspaper.  Anyone wishing to submit a journal for consideration must submit the following information

a) Name of the newspaper/magazine/journal b) its webpage c) contact information regarding the editor/magazine d) Duration between two publications.

The latter is to enable any writers to contact the editors of the magazine with their articles.  Additional information regarding the kind of articles welcome in the magazines are also vital, if available.  Where the location is available, it has also been added, so that regionally interesting articles may be sent to magazines working in/from the respective locations.

  1. Journal: जाह्नवी, Website: , Type: Monthly, Contact: , Location: Editors in various places, but principal editor located in Darbhanga, Bihar.
  2. Journal: शारदा, Website: . Type: Weekly, Contact: , Location: Pune, Maharashtra.
  3. Journal: सम्भाषण-संदेशः, Website: , Type: Monthly, Contact: , Location: Bangalore, Karnataka.
  4. Newspaper: सुधर्मा, Website: , Type: Daily, Contact: , Location: Mysore, Karnataka.