AAP performance in Punjab – a short overview

I  just did a basic review of the performance of the AAP in the Punjab seats, and maybe someone with specific knowledge of Punjab can help me understand this verdict. It is helpful to have a map of Punjab LS seats for my review, so here is the link to one.

http://www.mapsofindia.com/parliamentar … es/punjab/

Okay, now the AAP has won 4 constituencies, Fatehgarh Sahib, Sangrur, Patiala, and Faridkot. 

In two of the seats, it has won by a very convincing margin, Faridkot (1.75 lakh), and Sangrur (2 lakhs). In Patiala, it has won by 20K votes, and in Fatehgarh Sahib, it has won by 50K votes. 

Punjab is divided roughly into 3 regions. Region west of the Beas, and north of the Sutlej (region is called Majha, I think). This region has 3 seats (Khadoor Sahib, Amritsar and Gurdaspur). This region was among the worst hit by the Khalistan insurgency, IIRC. AAP has only a small presence in this region, with the best performance coming in Khadoor Sahib (old Taran Taran), with about 1.5 lakh votes. In the other two, AAP vote share is less than 1 lakh votes.

The second region is the region east of the Beas and north of the Sutlej.  This region is just called the Doab, often.  In the Beas-Sutlej doab, which has 2 seats (Jalandhar and Hoshiarpur), the AAP is making its presence felt strongly. In both seats it has 2 lakh+ votes, which is very creditable.

The last region is the region south of the Sutlej (called Malwa, I think), which has 8 seats (Ferozepur, Faridkot, Bathinda, Ludhiana, Anandpur Sahib (old Ropar), Fatehgarh Sahib (old Sirhind), Sangrur and Patiala, the AAP has done very well in the east, but less so towards the west (towards the Pakistani border). This region is traditionally the Akali stronghold, and particularly towards the south, west, and east, is much more rural in its character. In the two western seat of Ferozepur and Bathinda, the AAP has got <1 lakh votes in Bathinda, and just over 1 lakh votes in Ferozepur. In the north eastern and northern seats of Ludhiana and Anandpur Sahib respectively, the AAP has done very well, getting 2.5 lakh (Ludhiana) and 3 lakh (Anandpur Sahib). It is in the southern, eastern and central seats of Sangrur, Faridkot, Fatehgarh Sahib and Patiala that the AAP has performed superbly, winning all four. The AAP victory, from the point of view of the Akalis, is particularly serious in the two central seats of Faridkot and Sangrur, where the AAP has won 4 lakh+ and 5 lakh+ votes, winning very handsomely. Sangrur was once held by Surjeet Singh Barnala, an erstwhile stalwart of the SAD, so its loss is all the more serious.  What particular failure of the Akalis has caused this problem for them?


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